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On our GS1 Canada Learning Zone, we offer resources and training to help you with GS1 Canada services, including The Vault.

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Foodservice Images

The Foodservice Images tool provides a series of product images tailored to meet the requirements of the foodservice industry.

A single, three-dimensional, high-resolution image is taken for each packaging level in the product hierarchy. Individual images are arranged into a montage for use in product information cards (PIC), an essential tool of trade in the foodservice sector. The individual images can be used in electronic product catalogues or commercial portals.


Inner packaging

Case level


The Vault
Images captured by the Foodservice Image tool are available in The Vault, GS1 Canada's secure tool for your images and data content.

The Vault uses a one-to-many principle. You can save time and money by submitting products once and have them shared with all of your trading partners, who will benefit from the perpetually cleansed images and data content.

Images within The Vault are available to manufacturers and retailers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access Your Images
Enter The Vault

To use the Foodservice Images tool you first need to register for access.

To register for this tool, please click the button below for the Services Access page. You can register for any Images tool that you do not currently have access to by clicking "Register" in the applicable box and consenting to the Service Agreement.

Submitting Products for Foodservice Images
GS1 Canada subscribers in good standing can submit products to be captured for Foodservice Images through the following process:

  1. Click the “Submit Products” button below and sign in using your MyGS1 credentials.
  2. Click “Create Service Request” on the next page and agree to the Terms of Use.
  3. Enter the product-level GTINs for each of the products you want captured. The system will check the validity of your GTINs and alert you if there may be an error.
  4. Select the types of images you are requesting. If you have selected all of the services within one of GS1 Canada's economical Trading Partner Bundles, the system will automatically select the applicable bundle for you and save costs.
  5. Fill out the remaining fields and finalize your request.
  6. Arrange a time to send in your products by filling out this webform, including your Service Request Number. A GS1 Canada representative will contact you within three business days to confirm your time.
  7. Download and print your completed request form. Send it, along with two samples of each product being captured, to:

GS1 Canada Images
9200 boul. du Golf
Montreal, QC, H1J 3A1

You can check on the progress of your request through the Service Request interface.

Still not sure how it all works? Check out our step-by-step Requesting a GS1 Canada Content Service learning module on the Learning Zone.

Technical Specifications

Large Quantities to be Imaged

If you have a large quantity (50 cases or more) of products to process, please contact us ahead of shipping in order to schedule reception and ensure production and storage capacity. Please send an email to

Image Evaluation Service

Your own images can be submitted to GS1 Canada for evaluation. GS1 Canada will evaluate the images on the basis of the Foodservice Images standards and those detailed in the Foodservice Industry Technical Guidelines for Product Information Card images.

Foodservice Image e-Submission Guide

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Engage with GS1 Canada's Learning Zone for education resources and training guides.

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