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ECCnet Marketing Content

GS1 ECCnet Canada's Marketing Content provides a cost-effective solution that addresses industry's need for an efficient, single source of standardized product images and data content.

ECCnet Marketing Content ensures your trading partners have professional images of your most up-to-date product packaging. This allows you to highlight new products and product variations.

The marketing images content capture service delivers professional quality product images and data content featuring high-resolution 3D angle views for print and web.

Retailers use marketing images to guide consumers to your products through flyers and other advertising materials such as:

The Vault

ECCnet Marketing Content is available in The Vault, GS1 Canada's secure tool for your images and data content. Registering for The Vault is a pre-requisite for using one of GS1 Canada’s Content Capture and Loading options for the ECCnet Marketing Content solution.

The Vault uses a one-to-many principle. You can save time and money by submitting products once and have them shared with all of your trading partners, who will benefit from the perpetually cleansed images and data content.

Images within The Vault are available to manufacturers and retailers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How to Submit or Load Content

There are three content capture and loading options available for the ECCnet Marketing Content solution. Click on the links below to go directly to the process for each type.

  1. Product Submission: With our physical submission option, you send your products to the GS1 Canada studio in Montreal where our team of photographers take professional photographs and capture standardized product data.
  2. eSubmission: If you have already captured high-quality product images that meet GS1 global standards, you can use the eSubmission Content Loading option to send them directly to GS1 Canada and save on shipping costs.
  3. Pre-Registration: This option is available to manufacturers who do not yet have physical product available for processing but need to show proof-of-intent to their trading partners.

Technical Specifications

Marketing Images Specifications
The technical specifications for our Marketing content is in accordance with the global specifications:

Multiple Views
All products should have a maximum of three separate views when warranted per marketable face – a front view taken at 15 degrees top from centre is preferred for 3D images, however some products may require a steeper or shallower angle to display effectively.

For 2D images (images of products with negligible depth properties) a 0-degree plunge angle is permitted. The other two views are a right angle view and a left angle view where the appropriate side panel of the product relative to the front is visible (i.e. for the left angle view, the left panel is visible to the photographer).

Image File Naming Convention

A very specific file naming convention is used to manage and maintain the image library. The format consists of the product GTIN followed by other attributes: colour mode, orientation, language and alternate view indicator.

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