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Marketing Images Service

GS1 Canada's Marketing Images service provides a cost-effective solution that addresses industry's demand for an efficient single source of standardized product images. These high-resolution marketing images are ideal for print and online promotional materials, such as flyers, free-standing inserts, websites, signage and collateral materials, among others.

Web Based Solution
To help retailers and manufacturers save time and effort in their promotional initiatives, GS1 Canada enhanced its Marketing Images service by adding a hassle-free, state-of-the-art distribution solution. The Marketing Images service provides greater distribution by allowing retailers and vendors to view, select and download product images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Similar to all GS1 Canada business solutions, the Marketing Images service complies with global industry standards that ensure data integrity and maximize the effectiveness of your product images and data.

For more information about the web-based solution, contact GS1 Canada at

Marketing Images Specifications
Our Technical Specifications (in accordance with the global specifications)

  • Image size 5 x 5 in. (1500 x 1500 pixels) 300 dpi  (8 to 12MB files)
  • Cropping, close cutting and white background
  • File format TIFF and Color mode RGB

End Usage Formats
The specifications are of sufficiently high quality that they provide a source image that the end user can repurpose for specific applications. However, GS1 Canada can also supply the images in such formats as JPEG or EPS.

Multiple Views
All products should have a maximum of 3 separate views when warranted per marketable face – a front view taken at 15 degrees top from centre is preferred for 3D images, however some products may require a steeper or shallower angle to display effectively. For 2D images (images of products with negligible depth properties) a 0 degree plunge angle is permitted. The other 2 views are a right angle view and a left angle view where the appropriate side panel of the product relative to the front is visible (i.e. for the left angle view, the left panel is visible to the photographer).

Image File Naming Convention
A very specific file naming convention is used to manage and maintain the image library. The format consists of the product GTIN followed by other attributes: colour mode, orientation, language and alternate view indicator.

Benefits Of Our Services
High quality high-resolution marketing images offer multiple views of each product to address diverse business requirements. Benefits include: consistent processes and output due to image and measurement standards; low supply chain costs due to our one-to-many distribution process; simplicity due to our one-stop-shop concept for product images for your planogramming, marketing and Foodservice requirements; and minimal fees due to the fact that we operate on a cost recovery basis and savings for service bundles.

How To Take Advantage of This Service
Submit an up-to-date sample of each of your products to GS1 Canada Images' studios in Montreal. Since these are high-resolution product images, please ensure that each product is well-packed and arrives at our office in excellent condition. Sending two samples of each product is preferred. For products in bags or cardboards, send a "flat" along with the actual product. Always include a Product Submission Form in your shipment for services identification.

If you wish to submit your own images for evaluation, please review and follow the instructions in the Marketing or Planogram e-submission form.

To request images or more information, contact GS1 Canada at 1.800.567.7084 or