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Nutrition Images Service

Canadian businesses face increasing demands from trading partners, consumers and governments for product nutrition information.

To respond to these demands, GS1 Canada members have access to the Nutrition Images service offered by GS1 Canada Images service. This service enables brand owners to capture product nutrition images, including the Nutrition Facts Table and the Ingredients Label.


  • Product nutrition images captured
  • Industry-standardized format
  • English and French data extracted


  • ensure that accurate nutrition information about your products is communicated
  • populate eCommerce platforms with the information that your consumers demand
  • Save time and money

Get Started

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• Submitting a physical sample, please use the Product Submission Form
• Submitting a digital print-proof, please use the Retail and Foodservice eSubmission form

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Note: Nutrition Images will only be captured for products with up-to-date Planogram Images. If Planogram images are not up to date, both Planogram and Nutrition imaging services will be performed.

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