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Internal Locations Distribution

Internal Locations Distribution is an optional premium feature of GS1 Canada’s Recall solution that enables multi-site organizations, such as retail chain stores or hospital pharmacies, to re-distribute recall notices to their internal locations.

This ensures your internal locations promptly receive recall notifications, which enables them to take the necessary steps without delay.

Quicker notifications mean that potentially unsafe products are removed from the supply chain faster. This reduces risk to your brand reputation and most importantly, risk to consumers and patients.

  • Significantly reduce the time to notify each of your internal locations and prevent potential risks associated with processing a recalled product
  • Provides the option of redistributing the recall notification to select internal locations, or all locations
  • Visibility to recall notifications that have been read and received by your locations
  • Recall receivers can track quantities of found and removed products by their internal locations

The Internal Locations Distribution Process

To subscribe to Internal Locations Distribution:

  1. Subscribe to ECCnet Locations: This is a prerequisite subscription to accessing Internal Locations Distribution. You will use this to create your internal locations. Call 1.800.567.7084 to subscribe.
  2. Subscribe to Recall: This is a prerequisite subscription to accessing Internal Locations Distribution. This enables you to receive and redistribute recall notifications.
  3. Using ECCnet Locations setup your internal locations such as warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies, distribution centres or retail locations. Add the product recall business process to the locations you want to distribute recall notifications to.
  4. Activate Internal Locations Distribution: Call 1.800.567.7084 to activate Internal Locations Distribution
  5. When you receive a recall notification through Recall, log in and use the Recall tool to distribute it to the internal locations you previously identified in ECCnet Locations

For more information about Internal Locations Distribution, please call us at 1.800.567.7084