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Get in Sync with Your Trading Partners Through GS1 Canada GDSN

The global supply chain runs on data. Effective master data management is at the root of everything from logistics, to inventory management, to financial planning, to customer service. Leading organizations tackle the challenge of master data management through data synchronization.

Data synchronization is the process by which a data source (e.g., supplier) and a data recipient (e.g. a retailer or a hospital) share data electronically. By eliminating manual transactions between trading partners, data synchronization is the foundation for effective modern data management.

The GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is the infrastructure – the 'information highway' – that enables the automatic electronic exchange of product data between organizations, globally. Fully supported by GS1 Canada, the GDSN is comprised of a system of independent, interoperable data pools that enable GS1 standards-based product data to flow between trading partners using global business messaging standards.

The GDSN is built on the principle that suppliers load their product data to a given GDSN data pool one time, and publish this data to any number of recipients in other GDSN data pools anywhere in the world. GS1 organizations as well as solution providers are able to operate GDSN data pools based on certification from the GS1 global office.

How GS1 Canada GDSN Helps Your Business

As a GS1-certified GDSN Data Pool, GS1 Canada GDSN enables you to electronically share product data with your trading partners anywhere in the world. Our data pool service ensures that you and your trading partners always have the same product information in your systems, and any changes made to the data in one company's system is automatically sent to all companies who do business with them.

Save time, save money, improve the safety of your supply chain, and level the competitive playing field with benefits such as: