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Small Business Bundles

Congratulations! You are now a Small Business Bundle subscriber and well on your way to realizing the benefits of adopting global standards for product data and image management.

By now, you have either received or registered your GS1 Company Prefix Licence. With a valid Prefix Licence, you are ready to start your data synchronization journey and take advantage of the additional services in your bundle, from item listing to Product Recall. Find out why nearly two million organizations worldwide rely on the GS1 System of Standards to drive business results.

Click on each step below to set up all of your services. Time estimates are provided to help you plan accordingly.

Set Up Your Services

The time you invest in getting set up for each one of your bundle services will yield valuable returns for your small business.

Click here to download a PDF checklist of the complete process to set up your bundle services.

Congratulations on subscribing to a Small Business Bundle!

  • Log into Use the password you created during subscription, along with the five digit Customer ID number you received in your welcome email, after your subscription was approved.
  • If you received your GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Canada, you can view your licence certificate under "Your Certificate" on the homepage.
  • If you are a member of a different GS1 Member Organization, you can use the GS1 Company Prefix you registered with for the Small Business Bundle activation.
  • Review training information on how to begin barcoding.
  • If you are a first time user or are adding new products, assign a Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) to each product and each packaging level (i.e. case/pallet) that you plan to use. The GTIN is derived from the GS1 Prefix you have been assigned. It will be the basis from which you create your product barcodes.
  • If you are an international subscriber who subscribes to a different GS1 Member Organization, you may also use your existing GTINs.
  • Ensure that your GTINs end with a correct check-digit, which verifies that the previous 11 digits are properly encoded, by using the Check Digit Calculator

Estimated time to complete: One hour to review barcode information; 15 minutes per product to assign GTINs.

  • Ship your products to GS1 Canada Images to be captured under the Retail Trading Partners Service Bundle, which produces images used for Planogram and Marketing and eCommerce.
  • Include a Small Business Bundle Product Submission Form with your product(s) to help identify them. This form is mandatory. It is used to contact you if there are questions about your product(s).
  • Ensure you identify your product(s) with your barcode numbers.

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes to complete the form and ship product(s). You can review which of your products GS1 Canada Images has received on the View My Submissions page on (allow one to two business days for processing). Imaging of your product(s) will be completed in two to four weeks.

  • Part 1: Access ECCnet Registry
    • Activate the Basic Small Business software (included in your bundle): ECCnet ProSYNC Services. Your login credentials are the same ones you created for MyGS1.
    • Register for software services by following the checklist on the ProSYNC webpage.
    • Select the “ECCnet ProSYNC Basic Small Business” data loading option and agree to the User Licence. You will not pay any additional fees for this service. Once your service is activated (within one to two days), you will receive an email from GS1 Canada confirming activation.

  • Part 2: Educate Yourself
    • Complete the 15 minute tour of the Basic Small Business software available on the ProSYNC checklist webpage while waiting for your ProSYNC activation.
    • Log in to MyGS1 and complete the ECCnet Education Modules (01 to 05) to understand how to load your product data. This will take 45 to 60 minutes.
    • Review the Quick Start Attribute List in order to collect your product data and get it ready for loading.

  • Part 3: Load your Data
    • Log in to ECCnet ProSYNC Services once you have received notification that your access is activated.
    • Enter the GTIN you have assigned to your product and select the channel(s) in which you will distribute this product.
    • Enter all the data elements required for your product type and channel (i.e. food product in the Grocery channel).

  • Part 4: Release and Certify your Data
    • Check the “Release Data” box on the ProSYNC checklist to add the data to ECCnet Registry, once you have loaded data on up to five of your products.
    • Request certification of this initial data by checking the “Certify Data” box, or by sending an email to GS1 Canada’s Implementation Services team will review this sample of your data and contact you via email in three to five business days to help you resolve any errors or omissions in your data.

  • Part 5: Share your Product Data
    • Share your product data with your trading partners (both current and potential), once your data has been certified by GS1 Canada.
    • Check the “Grant Access” box in ProSYNC to select retailers and distributors with whom you choose to share your product data.

  • Part 6: Continue Entering Data for Additional Products
    • Enter information on additional products as needed once your initial data has been certified.
    • Validate the data using the system guides; release and share the information without requiring certification again.

Estimated time to complete: Product data collection to product data certification may take up to three hours per product.

Estimated time to complete: Two hours elapsed time for subscription and training; one to two hours per product to complete Nutrition Certification.

  • Learn about GS1 Canada Product Recall by visiting GS1 Canada's website and registering for GS1 Canada's new Learning Zone.
  • Complete all the Product Recall training modules and pass the test with a score of 90 per cent to attain a Certificate of Completion.
  • Choose a Subscription Administrator who can register your organization for GS1 Canada's Product Recall service.
  • The Subscription Administrator must then assign Initiator and Approver roles to Product Recall users at your organization.
  • Ensure your organization is prepared to act quickly in the event of a real-life recall by logging into Product Recall and successfully completing a Mock Recall. Once you have completed a Mock Recall, you will receive your Recall Ready certificate via the GS1 Canada Product Recall communication service. Please note the Recall Ready certificate must be renewed annually as per Hazard Control and Analysis Control Point (HACCP) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Estimated time to complete: Three hours elapsed time.

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