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Foodservice and the Importance of Standards

The first thing your trading partners look for when deciding to list a product is a clean ingredient deck, nutritional and marketing information. Are you giving them the information they need?

Operators and distributors need ready access to information to make purchase decisions. They rely on a single point of access to find the information, and for them, time is of the essence. If you don’t have the information they need, when they need it, they may go elsewhere. The GS1 System of Standards helps you not only stay top-of-mind, but ensures you are seen as a committed trading partner that understands the needs of your customers.

GS1 Canada can support your business in meeting government regulations and trading requirements

GS1 Canada supports the Foodservice industry that is subject to hundreds of evolving government regulations. In addition, you have a multitude of requirements that you must meet to satisfy your various trading relationships. GS1 Canada understands your business needs. We stay abreast of changing regulatory requirements and trading partner requirements so you can feel confident that you’re meeting all of your regulatory and trading partner obligations.

Data Completion

Failure to provide complete and accurate data may be putting your business at risk

Not only does it make sense to ensure your product data is up-to-date from a fiduciary perspective, but it is critical to risk management. Many of the operators you sell to are required to build menus based on reliable, accurate information. If you make changes to ingredients in products that you’ve listed on ECCnet and you don’t update your data accordingly, you could be liable for the misinformation you’re providing to your customers.

FIC EU Regulation 1169/2011:

What You Need to Know

FIC EU Regulation 1169/2011 is a new European Union directive on the provision of food information to consumers that came into effect on December 13, 2014. Aimed at standardizing food labeling and providing greater clarity to consumers on ingredients, nutrition and allergens, the regulation applies to food business operations with trading partners in the EU, at all stages of the food chain where their activities concern the provision of food information. (Read more)