GS1 Canada

The 2016 winner of GS1 Canada’s Innovator’s Award,
supported by CFIG, is Galleria Supermarket.

About the Award

GS1 Canada is the proud sponsor of the Innovator's Award, which honours companies who have implemented an innovative solution, service or strategy in their business. Through this award, we celebrate innovation - regardless of size of spend, type or reach. We recognize innovation in all its forms, whether implemented by a large company or a small one.

GS1 Canada believes that innovation strengthens the economic future for the Canadian grocery industry and benefits the sector, as a whole.

The Innovator's Award is presented to the CFIG member that best demonstrates the principle of innovation through their actions and business activities. Applicants were judged on how they brought innovation to their business.

Congratulations to
Galleria Supermarket,
winner of the 2016 award!

The Winner

GS1 Canada is happy to announce that Galleria Supermarket’s digital marketing evolution application is the inaugural winner of this award.

Galleria’s win came on the basis of a multi-platform engagement plan they developed across social media and smart phone applications across a range of languages to reach a broader cross-section of their community.

This innovation began after the results of a market analysis revealed a need to increase customer engagement, improve customer service and attract a new mobile-oriented generation.

Galleria identified WeChat and KaKao Talk as popular social media platforms for a large part of their customer base. Through them, they implemented one-to-one online contact and real-time customer service, including service in Chinese and Korean that many of their customers preferred to communicate in. They also leveraged smart phone apps to promptly answer customer enquiries and assist with online ordering of popular items for in-store pick-up.

This unique and personalized approach provided new ways for their customers to engage with a range of offers and services that Galleria provides. This also demonstrated that they understood how to meet their community’s needs.

Well done!