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In today's healthcare environment, visibility, traceability, and accountability are essential to deliver better patient outcomes.

Why is this bottled water safer than most elements found in the healthcare environment?

bottle of water, and healthcare package

A bottle of water is safer because it is labelled by the manufacturer with a global GS1 barcode, and all the product information and images are stored in a national product registry – enabling visibility and traceability.

By contrast, critical information about medical devices, pharmaceuticals and food products that move through healthcare facilities is still largely managed manually and with proprietary codes, resulting in fragmented supply chain systems.

GS1 Canada has the tools and standards to help you achieve your goals

The adoption of GS1 standards and data integrity protocols – as determined through trading partner requirements – provides you with a modern, interoperable system that supports all of your trading partner and healthcare delivery needs – including bedside scanning, maintaining electronic medical records, and post-surgery follow–up.

Improves quality of care and patient safety by:

Reduces costs and improves efficiency by:

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