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How does the healthcare community benefit?
Patients expect the safest, most sophisticated and effective systems in every facet of their care. However, most would be shocked to learn that it’s easier to trace and recall a bottle of water than a faulty medical device.

Healthcare leaders are seeking innovations to improve patient safety and drive health system efficiency. Yet the reality is that many hospital leaders are faced with using outdated and inefficient methods for managing the flow of devices, pharmaceuticals and foodservice products from the point of manufacture to the patient. In addition, hospitals that have moved to sophisticated purchasing programs continue to use proprietary product codes instead of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN – the number at the bottom of a barcode) for product identification. Hospitals that do not adopt a global barcode marked by the manufacturer automatically eliminate all chances of product traceability – putting their patients and reputations at risk.

In today’s healthcare environment, visibility, traceability and accountability are essential to deliver better patient outcomes.

What is the Carenet Healthcare Sector Strategy?

The GS1 System of global supply chain standards has been transforming the way organizations worldwide communicate and work together, delivering proven results in multiple sectors. Through the Carenet Strategy, the Canadian healthcare sector is leveraging the value of GS1 Standards to improve patient safety and enable supply chain efficiencies in Canada's healthcare system.

Led by the GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Sector Board, the Carenet Strategy is the industry-driven strategy to modernize the Canadian healthcare supply chain by using the GS1 System of standards.

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