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eCommerce Content Capture and Loading

Make sure you have the high-resolution, quality product images and accurate product information that consumers demand when making their online purchase decisions.

Our eCommerce Content Capture service ensures you are providing customers with global standard images and the most accurate and reliable bilingual product data, meeting all Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.

Delivering the highest quality content helps improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and prevent costly returns.

What's included in our eCommerce Content Capture service

  • All on-pack product data taken directly from your product packaging in English and French, including (where applicable):
    • Nutritional Panel Data
    • Ingredients
    • Directions of Use
    • Trust Marks
    • On-pack Product/Marketing Claims
  • Package weight and dimensions, to enable shipping costs to be calculated correctly
  • 1-2 high-resolution 2D images to enable customer purchasing decisions and deliver product and brand consistency across all platforms
  • Minimum of 6 packaging views for label images for data capture (for data providers)

For more information on technical specifications, please read the eCommerce Content eSubmission Guide.

Benefits of eCommmerce Content Capture

Data Excellence

Our proven data excellence enables you to build trust with trading partners and customers alike by capturing the most accurate and updated bilingual product data and images available. Consistent high-quality product representation helps avoid customer disappointment and costly returns.

Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise

Have confidence in GS1 Canada’s industry knowledge and expertise. No matter the size of your organization, we know exactly what you have to do to meet major Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements. Simply schedule and send your products to GS1 Canada and we will capture and distribute everything your trading partners need to sell your products online.

Standardized Content

Give customers the quality they demand and ensure consistent brand representation through global standard content being captured and used by all trading partners. Standardized content also enables interoperability across systems, and visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.


With flexible loading options to suit your business needs, our one-to-many approach ensures product data is loaded once into the eCommerce Content Registry and quickly shared with all trading partners at the push of a button.

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

There are four content capture and loading options available for the ECCnet eCommerce Content solution. Click on the links below to go directly to the correct process for each type.

  1. Product Submission: With our physical submission option, you send your products to the GS1 Canada studio in Montreal where our team of photographers take professional photographs and capture standardized product data.
  2. eSubmission: If you have already captured high-quality product images that meet GS1 global standards, you can use the eSubmission Content Loading option to send them directly to GS1 Canada.
  3. Machine-to-Machine: This automated electronic method for sharing content with your trading partners uses Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) to transfer content from your systems directly into The Vault – eCommerce.
  4. Pre-Registration: This option is available to manufacturers who do not yet have physical product available for processing but need to show proof-of-intent to their trading partners.
  1. Register for The Vault - eCommerce
    1. Click here to register for The Vault - eCommerce, using your myGS1 credentials to log in as you go
    2. Confirm your details and follow the onscreen process
    3. Within one business day you will receive an email containing your Vault - eCommerce credentials
    4. You can now view and certify any existing content and set up new users
  2. View and certify your products in The Vault - eCommerce
    1. The Vault – eCommerce will send you an email to let you know when your products have entered The Vault – eCommerce and are ready to be viewed and certified
  3. Distribute your eCommerce Content
    1. In The Vault – eCommerce, select the trading partners you want to share your eCommerce Content with