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Get Ready for Streamlined Product Certification! Certify, top up and delist functions will be moving into the new Product Certification. This standardized data excellence tool unites the certification capabilities from three previously separate tools into one - saving time, costs and resources. Learn more.

The Vault - eCommerce

The Vault – eCommerce is a secure storage tool for all of your eCommerce images and data.

A vital element of the ECCnet eCommerce Content solution, data providers (such as manufacturers, brand owners and distributors) can use The Vault – eCommerce to access all of their eCommerce images and data in one central location.

Data providers can also add top-up information such as extra marketing claims or romance copy to their products in The Vault – eCommerce.

The Vault – eCommerce ensures data excellence by giving data providers the ability to certify their eCommerce data. This ensures data recipients (such as retailers) have access to the most up-to-date and accurate product information.

The Vault – eCommerce is a prerequisite for the Enrich Digital Assets premium feature.

Data Excellence

  • Data providers can certify content within The Vault – eCommerce to give it the maximum possible level of data excellence. This gives you confidence that the information your trading partners are featuring on their eCommerce platforms is accurate and always up-to-date and helps you promote consistent brand representation online.

Work with Amazon

  • Access Amazon-specific listing forms for the food and health and beauty categories - with more categories to come.


  • Our one-to-many approach means data providers can share content stored in The Vault – eCommerce with all of their trading partners from one place, at the same time.

Increased Marketing Opportunities

  • Data providers can use The Vault – eCommerce to add top-up attributes to the on-pack information already captured. This allows more opportunities to promote products to customers online.

Security and Protection

  • Securely store your content, providing the ultimate brand protection while maintaining complete control of your content in The Vault - eCommerce, including rules, permissions and embargo restrictions for users, content and distribution.

Machine-to-Machine Capability

  • The Vault – eCommerce can accept content input direct through API workflows for data providers who can consistently deliver standardized eCommerce content, without the need for GS1 Canada’s eCommerce Content Capture service.

Premium Features

  • The Vault – eCommerce is a prerequisite for the Enrich Digital Assets premium feature, used to promote your products further by uploading your rich digital marketing assets.

Access All Content in One Place

  • There’s no need to chase after brand owners for content data. Simply subscribe to the trading partners and products you require to gain 24/7 access to all the data and images you need, when you need it. Our bilingual ECCnet eCommerce Content solution includes mandatory attributes specifically requested by industry and adheres to all Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.

Search Content Easily

  • Quickly access the eCommerce content you need using comprehensive search options


Tailored Product Listing Forms

  • Create tailored listing forms to enable data providers to provide you with product content for your specific business process needs


Machine-to-Machine Capability

  • Set up API workflows for content to channel directly into your own systems and interfaces. Machine-to-machine communication maximizes efficiency and maintains data excellence.

Premium Features

  • The Vault – eCommerce is a prerequisite for access to the Enrich Digital Assets premium feature. Use it to access digital marketing assets produced by your trading partners to promote products more effectively.

The Vault – eCommerce Process

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

Your System Administrator must complete the following steps:

  1. Click here to subscribe to The Vault – eCommerce using your myGS1 login credentials.
  2. Complete and submit the subscription form.
  3. Agree to the Plaform Agreement.
  4. Within one business day you will receive an email containing your Vault – eCommerce credentials.

Educational resources are available in The Learning Zone to help with your setup.