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Why is ECCnet Registry so significant?

For the first time in Canada there is a single point of access between suppliers and retailers, streamlining and supporting the day-to-day e-commerce requirements of the supply chain. From consumer unit all the way up to pallet configuration, ECCnet Registry allows suppliers to maintain accurate product information in one central registry. Suppliers input information for each product just one time and the registry facilitates distribution to your many customers. Additions and updates are always aligned.

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Pharmacy Testimonial

GS1 Canada Testimonials from the Pharmaceutical Channel

Wyeth Canada, Mr. Selim Toutounji, Director of Distribution

Selim Toutounji of Wyeth Canada has two views of the GS1 Canada project. Both of them are positive. As a co-chair of the ECCnet Registry Pharmacy User Group, he was involved in the process that defined the fields pharmaceutical manufacturers would use when loading their product data. As the Wyeth representative he was the first pharmaceutical industry user to actually run a pilot.

According to Toutounji, the initial challenge was reducing the amount of information fields to be captured. "The pharmacy group initially proposed 300 different data elements," he says. "We reduced it to 30 essential data elements that were really needed for the catalogue."

For the pilot he chose five products from Wyeth’s broad list of prescription and over-the-counter products. From that point, says Toutounji, GS1 Canada made it easy. "GS1 Canada came up with a very easy, simple Excel spreadsheet with all the data elements needed for the Rx group. I worked closely with Jane Rosati, Manager, Technical Support at GS1 Canada. She ran it through the system and came back with error messages that needed to be corrected."

Over a period of only five weeks they finalized the specifications for the pharmacy entries. Now, Wyeth is ready to load the rest of the 150 products on their list. Toutounji says he knows it is not going to be a problem. "I find that the people at GS1 Canada are very, very helpful and supportive, giving feedback immediately. Sometimes in less than one hour I was getting my file revised, corrected and returned to me. I only had a half hour or 45 minutes a day to work on it, in my free time. We strongly encourage that all companies be part of GS1 Canada."


Foodservice Testimonials

ECCnet Registry Testimonials from the Foodservice Channel

Flanagan Foodservice Inc., Mr. Dan Flanagan, President

Dan Flanagan has 8,000 reasons to be excited about the ECCnet Registry project. He’s the President of Flanagan Foodservice, a foodservices distributor based in Kitchener, Ontario. Eight thousand is the number of products his company distributes to more than 3,000 customers from its warehouses around the province. He says he is excited because he knows that when his company gets access to the ECCnet Registry, his company is going to become a lot more efficient.
“The way it works now,” explains Flanagan “I have the equivalent of three full time people keeping track of the SKU’s for all of the products we handle. It’s a very manual process. We end up with errors in the data. When the ECCnet Registry comes online we will eliminate a major source of that trouble. I am going to be able to assign those three people on more productive jobs.”
Flanagan has been advocating the ECCnet Registry since he first heard it discussed more than four years ago. “It made so much sense,” Flanagan says. “We have been dealing with too many different databases. Planning truck loads and warehousing is a challenge. This is the way of the future.”
Flanagan’s enthusiasm for the project is almost unlimited. He has only one complaint. He says if he had his way, his staff would have access to the full Registry already. For Dan Flanagan the future can’t come soon enough.

High Liner Foods Incorporated, Mr. Jeff Niziol, Marketing Services Manager

Jeff Niziol didn’t need to be convinced. The Marketing Services Manager for High Liner Foods Incorporated says he knew the ECCnet Registry was good for business from the first moment he heard about it. “Sometimes industry initiatives are the flavour of the day and you kind of go along with them half heartedly,” Niziol explains. “But when we saw what was being collected, we said even if it is the flavour of the day this is something we can use.”
High Liner Foods has 113 SKUs in the retail sector and 300 to 400 in food services. That has always caused problems with data synchronization. Niziol says the ECCnet Registry will eliminate that. “It guarantees that the seller and the buyer are on the same page working from the same information. With that done, even on just the product information, I think we are going to see a major decrease in deductions and credit notes.”
The loading process for High Liner’s retail products went extremely smoothly. With the help of GS1 Canada’s Jane Rosati, errors in the data were quickly caught and corrected. As a result, High Liner Foods now has better information about its own products than has ever existed in the past. “It has been a good exercise for us,” says Niziol. “It made us bring all our information into one spot. So, even if it wasn’t mandated by the industry or mandated by our management committee it is going to be worthwhile.”
High Liner came to the ECCnet Registry and asked to have their retail products to be included in phase two. With that success in place, Niziol says the company is eager to move on to the foodservices SKU’s scheduled for July. “One of our core values at High Liner Foods, is innovation and this is as innovative as anything in our industry.” The bottom line for Jeff is simple: “the ECCnet Registry makes things easy for our customers, and it makes things easy for us.”

Grocery Testimonials

ECCnet Registry Testimonials from the Grocery Channel

Young & Young Trading Co. Ltd., Mr. Rick Tsang, Assistant to the President

When Rick Tsang first heard about the ECCnet Registry he was certain it would cost more time and money than it would prove to be worth. He has since changed his mind. Tsang is the assistant to the President of Young and Young Trading Co Ltd., a Toronto based importer and wholesaler of Asian grocery products. "For a small company like ours I was sure it meant more work and more money," says Tsang, explaining his initial reservations. But when Young & Young received a letter from a major customer, A & P, outlining the compliance issues if they did not load their product list, they decided to get behind the project.
Young & Young had 137 products to enter and they completed all the required fields, for each product, for the expanded subset. He did the initial data entry for the entire list in one week. “They emailed me the excel spreadsheet and I filled it out as much as I could. Shortly after, I took an ECCnet Registry education course on the Internet. After that, I was more comfortable with how I filled in the fields. That evening I mailed it to Jane Rosati, Manager Technical Support."
Of the almost 5,000 fields of data Tsang had filled in, there were only 40 errors. It took two more days of checking and verifying to certify the data as clean. At the end of the process Tsang is pleased. "I'm happy with the service that is being provided by the ECCnet Registry and the help that I've received with the questions that I had. They're very prompt. They actually answer the phone when you call." He's also convinced about the value of the whole project. "This is the way of the future," he says. "Everyone should get involved."

Image & Verification Services Testimonial

ECCnet I&V Testimonials from Canada Safeway Limited

Canada Safeway Limited, Mr. Richard Labbé, Manager Merchandising Services

Richard Labbé, Manager Merchandising Services for Canada Safeway Limited says GS1 Canada's decision to open an Image and Verification (I&V) office in Calgary has allowed for increased efficiencies in the RMS group.

"The job of RMS shelf analysts is populating and maintaining 7,000 schematics for Safeway stores from British Columbia to Western Ontario Canada," explains Labbé. "In the past the analysts spent a lot of time gathering missing information which needed to be forwarded to Montreal, and sometimes meant waiting days for the data and images to come back."

The new Calgary office allowed the process to be greatly expedited. According to Labbé, the Calgary ECCnet I&V team functions seamlessly with the Safeway staff, allowing images and data for an average of 10 to 20 new products a week to come through quickly and correctly.

Says Labbé, "the ECCnet employee has the authority to go into a Safeway store and do all the work necessary to allow the analysts to focus on the work they need to do to drive the category."

Labbé also has praise for the quality of ECCnet's I&V work and the people who do it. "The product information is accurate. It follows the standards we have established within the Canadian Grocery industry and that's important. It makes me very happy." Regarding the ECCnet people, Labbé is even more direct. "They are part of the team."