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Get Ready for Streamlined Product Certification! Item Certification - Pharmaceutical will be replaced by Product Certification. This new standardized data excellence tool unites the certification capabilities from three previously separate tools into one - saving time, costs and resources. Learn more.

ECCnet Item Certification - Pharmaceutical

Enhance Patient Safety and Supply Chain Efficiency

Directed by the Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board, GS1 Canada has launched ECCnet Item Certification – Pharmaceutical. This online tool enables the electronic exchange of brand-authorized images and associated data between brand owners/manufacturers and data recipients, such as pharmacies, hospitals and associations.

This tool addresses challenges within the Pharmacy Sector when it comes to readily and confidently identifying pharmaceutical oral solids in a clinical setting.

Brand-owner certified pharmaceutical content ensures dispensing clinicians have access to the most accurate data and images to support their commitment to deliver the right medication to the right patient.

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Value of Item Certification - Pharmaceutical

Value to Brand Owners
and Other Data Providers

Value to Healthcare Providers
and Other Data Recipients

  • Supports clinicians to enhance patient safety.
  • Provides the most accurate images and data to your trading partners, including information in critical areas like appearance, composition and dosage.
  • Protect brand integrity.
  • Share images and data with your trading partners in one standardized process rather than using different systems.
  • Comply with healthcare sector business requirements.