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Recall Tool

A GS1 Canada study found that our Recall solution* processes

  • Reduced the time to create a recall notification by 83%
  • Reduced the cost to distribute a recall notification by $6,000-$8,000
  • Reduced the time to distribute the notification by 80%
  • Reduced the time it takes to track notification effectiveness reporting by 90%, based on recipients acknowledging the notification

*When compared to other systems and processes

When a recall strikes, you need to inform your trading partners – and fast.

GS1 Canada’s Recall tool is a web-based notification solution to quickly create and distribute product recall notifications and increase the speed of getting recalled products removed from the supply chain.

Built by risk management industry experts, this recall notification service leverages global standards that enable visibility and traceability of a product, which are critical during a recall.

Recall allows data providers (such as manufacturers, brand owners and distributors) and data recipients (such as retailers, foodservice operators, healthcare providers and other end users) to exchange information easily during recalls through acknowledgment receipts, 'Returned Product' reports and notes.

Recall is available to three sectors, with attributes tailored to each.

  • Food and Beverage
  • General Merchandise and
  • Healthcare

  • Recall Alert: standard notification templates aligned with Canadian regulations and trading partner requirements
    • Food and Beverage
    • General Merchandise
    • Pharmacy
  • Quickly upload critical product information and images directly from GS1 Canada’s ECCnet New Item Setup and ECCnet Marketing Content solutions to enable accurate product identification and removal
  • GS1 Canada’s Recall guides you through the product information to include, reducing the risk of important product details being omitted
  • Use Recall to provide optional content and instructions such as return and reimbursement instructions
  • Access the solution 24/7 – any time a recall strikes
  • See a history of the recall activity from all trading partners, including how many recalls you have received in total and the amount of recalled product you’ve had on hand for each recall
  • Access to all supplementary information, such as product images
  • Acknowledge and send read receipts to brand owners/manufacturers
  • Report back to brand owner the number of products being recalled from your organization
  • Ability to exchange notes, question or comments to the brand owner within the open text field found in Recall, including return instructions and reimbursement details

Subscribing to GS1 Canada’s Recall solution is an important first step towards protecting your organization in the event of a recall. The next step for recall initiators is to become Recall Ready to ensure your organization is ready to react immediately when a recall strikes.

How to become Recall Ready

  1. Register two or more users in your organization: an initiator, who opens new recall notifications and an approver, who reviews all notifications for accuracy
  2. Become a recall expert: GS1 Canada has global, best-in-class bilingual training modules. Visit our Learning Zone and test your Recall knowledge. Score 90% or more on our online assessment to receive your Certificate of Recall Course Completion. Engage with our practical training modules until you have the knowledge you need.
  3. Complete a minimum of one Mock Recall per year: Mock Recall simulates a real-life product recall step-by-step. You can use GS1 Canada as the recipient of Mock Recalls. Mock recalls must be completed annually, as required by Hazard Control and Analysis Control Point (HACCP) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The Recall Process

In the example above, the recall initiator uses Recall to initiate a product recall notification. The receiver of this notification can opt to use the Internal Locations Distribution premium feature to share the notification with their warehouses, distribution centres and stores.

All recall notification recipients have the duty to identify the number of products removed, providing visibility across the entire supply chain.

Within Recall, the recall receiver knows how many of the affected products have been identified and removed by its internal locations and the recall initiator knows how many have been identified and removed by all of its trading partners. The recall initiator can then report this information to Health Canada.

Recall Tool is available to GS1 Canada subscribers in good standing

  1. Click this link and use your myGS1 credentials to access the Recall Tool subscription form
  2. Choose which sectors you need to use Recall for and fill out your details
  3. Within one business day you will receive an email asking you to confirm your details, select your company type:
    • Initiator – if you will be generating product recall notifications and sending them to your trading partners
    • Receiver – if you will be receiving product recall notifications from your suppliers
    • Both – if you will be both initiating and receiving product recall notifications. This type is generally applicable to brokers and distributors
  4. Select the system administrator role, accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) and set up your password
  5. Set up any additional users who need access. Recall initiators should set up at least one initiator and at least one approver as users. Recall recipients can be set up as a receiver or a viewer. As a best practice, Health Canada and CFIA recommends a minimum of two users to be set up in each role at any given point in time.
  6. Your new users will receive an email instructing them on how to set up their account
  7. Complete Recall Ready training