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Product Submission for Content Capture

GS1 Canada Images

GS1 Canada offers a range of flexible options for capturing and loading product content. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

For more information about our content capture and loading options, call us at 1.800.567.7084 or at


Content Capture Loading Options

With our Product Submission option, you can send your products to the GS1 Canada studio in Montreal. There, our team of photographers will take professional images and capture standardized product data that comply with GS1 global standards and meet the needs of your trading partners.

Physical Content Capture Workflow

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

Applicable Solutions

How to Submit Physical Product for Content Capture

  1. Access the Content Capture Service Request tool and click “Create Content Capture Service Request”
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new request, including selecting the date for your product submission
    • If submitting products for Pre-Registration, select the “Pre-Registration” option
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to indicate which products you will be submitting
    • You can include a maximum of 50 GTINs per Service Request
    • Use the calendar under “Scheduled Week” to choose the week you want to send in your products to the GS1 Canada team in Montreal. The first day of the chosen week is Monday and is highlighted in blue.
  4. Print your Shipping Manifest by clicking the “Manifest” button
    • If your submission is a Pre-Registration, click the button for “Certificate”
  5. Send the printed Shipping Manifest, along with two samples of each product, to our Montreal studio. The shipping address is:
  6. GS1 Canada
    9200 boul. du Golf
    Montreal, QC
    H1J 3A1

If you have already captured high-quality product images that meet GS1 global standards, you can use the eSubmission Content Loading option to send them directly to GS1 Canada and save on shipping costs.

You will be invoiced for the specific service you requested. An additional evaluation fee applies to Foodservice and Marketing images, which are evaluated by our team in Montreal to ensure that they meet the required standards. They will then provide you with an evaluation report.

eSubmission Workflow

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

Applicable Solutions

How to Submit Product Images

  1. As applicable, download the Retail and Foodservice eSubmission Form or Item Certification - Pharmaceutical Submission Form instructions which will show you how to prepare your product images for online submission.
  2. Use the Content Capture Service Request tool to enter the GTINs for the product images you are sending and choose the services you would like them to be accepted for. Download the shipping manifest; you will need to include it in the file you are sending.
  3. Prepare a compressed ZIP file containing:
    1. Your product image files (please ensure images meet the specification requirements to complete the service)
    2. The shipping manifest you downloaded from the Service Request
  4. Upload the ZIP file to GS1 Canada using the Easy Uplink tool.
    1. If you are using your own file transfer application/service, the recipient should be

Notes on eSubmission

  • A maximum of 50 GTINs may be entered per Service Request and the maximum upload for the Easy Uplink tool is 2GB.
  • The number of files in the Service Request must match the number of digital files submitted. Digital files that are not listed in the Service Request will not be processed.
  • An evaluation fee will to Foodservice and Marketing images, per GTIN. An evaluation report for these will be provided to the submitter.

Additional information about eSubmission

Foodservice and Marketing content:

GS1 Canada will email you an evaluation report indicating whether each image complied with GS1 global standards (see the Technical Specifications below).

If an image upload does not comply with the global standards, it will be rejected. You can modify the image(s) to meet global standards and then resubmit it for evaluation as a new eSubmission and Service Request.

Technical specifications

Please use the following guides to help ensure your eSubmission content meets required specifications.

By special arrangement, our team of professionals will travel to your site and perform the content capture there.

This method is ideal for product that may spoil in shipping, have transport restrictions in place (pharmaceuticals, liquor, etc.) or for organizations that have a high volume of individual products.

Onsite Capture Workflow

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

Applicable Solutions

How to Submit Products

To take advantage of this service, contact your account manager. If you do not have an account manager email us at We will complete a requirement analysis with you before settling on a plan to capture your content.

What Is It?

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an automated electronic loading method for sharing content with your trading partners. It does this via an Application Protocol Interface (API), which lets different computer systems directly talk to each other to transfer content, in this case to and from GS1 Canada’s The Vault – eCommerce.

With the M2M option, content flows directly into The Vault – eCommerce directly in a certified state and is distributed to trading partners immediately.

The eCommerce Content Capture Process

Applicable Solutions

How to Load Product Content

Contact your GS1 Canada account manager to discuss our M2M option. If you have questions, please have a look at our M2M Fact Sheet and FAQ.

This option is available to manufacturers who do not yet have physical product available for processing but need to show proof-of-intent to their trading partners.

Simply follow the process for Product Submission and select the preregistration option that appears. You will then receive a Pre-Registration Confirmation Certificate for each GTIN that you can present to your trading partners. You may then submit the product itself to GS1 Canada within the next 120 days

Applicable Bundles

How to Submit Products

Follow the instructions for Physical Content Capture and select the checkbox for ”Pre-Registration“ when prompted.

For step-by-step instruction, please see this video in the Learning Zone.

  1. Submit a Service Request
    1. Visit the Service Request tool and click "Request a service."
    2. Fill out the form that pops up. Enter the product-level GTINs for the products you want captured.
    3. Select the pre-registration option that appears on screen.
    4. Select the types of images you are requesting.
      1. If you select all of the services within the Retail Trading Partner Bundle, your request will automatically be upgraded to that bundle. For Pre-Registration the only service you can select à la carte is Planogram Content Capture.
      2. Click on “Certification” to download the pre-registration certificates you can then distribute to your trading partners.
    5. Take note of your Service Request Number. You will need this to schedule your delivery date and to track the progress of your submission.
  2. Arrange a Date to Send in Your Products
    1. Fill out the Schedule Your Products form. Note that you have 120 days to submit the products or you will have to resubmit them and will be charged the applicable service request fee an additional time.
      1. A GS1 Canada representative will contact you within three business days to confirm your shipping date.
    2. Return to your Service Request and print your shipping manifest. Send it, along with two samples of each of your scheduled products, to our Montreal studio at:

GS1 Canada Images
9200 boul. du Golf
Montreal, QC, H1J 3A1

For step-by-step instruction, please see this video in the Learning Zone.