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Tools, Services and Premium Features


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the electronic interchange of structured data according to agreed standards. GS1 Canada also supports product information loaded using other methods, such as ProSYNC and GDSN.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup


Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a series of global data pools that upload and download product data. Based on the internationally-recognized GS1 system of standards, GS1 Canada hosts its own GS1-certified data pool.

GDSN data flows from data pool to data pool with minimal quality checks and does not mandate attributes specifically required by Canadian trading partners. GDSN data can be loaded into ECCnet Registry if it contains the required attributes.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

Machine-to-Machine for Content Capture

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an automated electronic method for sharing content with your trading partners. It does this via an Application Protocol Interface (API), which transfers content from your system to and from another, in this case, GS1 Canada’s The Vault – eCommerce.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content

Onsite Content Capture

By special arrangement, our team of professionals will travel to your site and capture your product image and data content on your premises.

Applies to: ECCnet Foodservice Content, ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content


If you have already captured high-quality product images that meet GS1 global standards, you can use eSubmission to send them directly to GS1 Canada.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content, ECCnet Marketing Content, ECCnet Foodservice Content, ECCnet Nutritional Content, ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content


GS1 Canada’s Recall tool is a web-based notification tool to quickly create and distribute product recall notifications and increase the speed of getting recalled products removed from the supply chain.

Applies to: Recall, Incident Reporting

Physical Content Capture*

With our physical content capture option, you send your products to the GS1 Canada studio in Montreal where our team of photographers take professional photographs and capture standardized product data. By choosing physical content capture, you can have the confidence that your products are consistently being captured to GS1 global standards every time.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content, ECCnet Planogram Content, ECCnet, Marketing Content, ECCnet Foodservice Content, ECCnet Nutritional Content


Unique to GS1 Canada, ProSYNC is a tool to quickly and efficiently load, manage, edit and publish your product data to your chosen trading partners. All in one central location, the product listing process is streamlined to save you time and resources.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

Content Access and Permission Rights*

Allows subscribers to set their own level of control and security, providing flexibility based on company size and needs.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

Content Publication and Subscription Rules*

To ensure that only relevant product data is transferred between trading partners, GS1 Canada operates under a publication-subscription model, also known as pub-sub. Before data providers can share information with a data recipient, they must “publish” it to that specific trading partner. Before data recipients can receive data from a data provider, they must “subscribe” to that provider’s data. If either side neglects to do this step, the data will not be shared.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

Data Provider Catalogue Certification Process*

To help new data providers (such as manufacturers, brand owners and distributors) understand how to load product data effectively, GS1 Canada has a data catalogue certification process in place.

On first subscribing, data providers do an initial upload of at least 10 products per channel of distribution. GS1 Canada reviews that data to ensure it complies with all industry supply chain standards and works with the data provider to fix any errors. Once the initial products are all correct and cleared to go, the data provider’s catalogue is certified and they may then upload the rest of their product data.

Some channels of distribution in sectors, such as Foodservice or General Merchandise and Hardlines, may have additional data requirements that data providers will need to meet. GS1 Canada will work with data providers to ensure they are correctly meeting these additional requirements and certify their product catalogue for that sector.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

ECCnet Registry

ECCnet Registry is Canada’s largest global-standards based product registry with bilingual product information for over 600,000 products and more than 200,000 content updates every year. ECCnet Registry includes mandatory attributes specifically requested by Canadian industry – removing any confusion or doubt about what trading partners require.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

Embargo Date Management*

To protect data providers from unconfirmed data going out too early, ECCnet Registry allows them to set embargo dates on their products so that no product data is released before it is ready to go.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup

GTIN Discrepancy Reporting*

Improve your data excellence ranking with GTIN Discrepancy Reports (GDRs). When a data recipient receives products that do not match the information contained in ECCnet, they can issue a GDR to alert the data provider that a change is needed to their product data. Data providers can correspond with data recipients about the issue on the GDR ticket itself and alert the data recipient when the issue has been resolved and the GDR can be closed.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup, ECCnet eCommerce Content

Item Certification*

Item Certification allows data providers (such as manufacturers, brand owners and distributors) to certify that the data validated by GS1 Canada is complete and correct. This takes their data to the highest possible level of data excellence and assures their trading partners that their data is the best available.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content, ECCnet Nutritional Content, ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content

Notification Content Certification and Approval Process*

For Recall tool users there are checks and balances in place to insure against accidental release of recall information. Recall notifications are issued by a recall initiator but are only released to trading partners once they have been checked by a recall approver.

Applies to: Recall

Subscriber Prefix Authorization*

For organizations who are using a third party to load and manage their product data in Canada, we will require Prefix Authorization. This process confirms that you own a specific prefix, GTIN or GLN and that you are authorizing another organization to use it on your behalf.

To conduct this process, GS1 Canada requires a letter of authorization from the original Prefix, GTIN or GLN owner and a completed authorization form from the organization that will be handling the data.

GS1 Canada confirms ownership of the original Prefix, GTIN or GLN by consulting the Global Electronic Party Information Registry (GEPIR), reviewing your Prefix Licence documentation or by enquiring with the issuing GS1 member organization.

Applies to: All solutions

Recall Ready Certification*

Recall Ready is a status earned by an organization that has proven it is ready to react immediately when a recall strikes and use the Recall tool. The organization does this by completing Product Recall training, registering at least two users within its organization and completing one Mock Recall a year.

Applies to: Recall

Subscriber Authentication

As part of GS1 Canada’s subscriber activation process for internationally-based organizations, we engage in Subscriber Authentication of Company Prefixes and GLNs. To authenticate these identifiers, we consult the Global Electronic Party Information Registry (GEPIR) to ensure that the subscriber has the necessary rights to load their content into the solution, tools or services being used.

Applies to: All solutions

Three-Way Meetings*

To help parties across the supply chain maintain data excellence, GS1 Canada offers three-way meetings that allow data providers and data recipients to come together in collaboration with GS1 Canada to resolve any ongoing issues around data excellence and identify proactive data excellence strategies moving forward.

Applies to: All Solutions

System Rules and Validations*

GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Registry has built-in system rules and validation that help flag potentially non-compliant content to data providers. For example, if the system detects that the inputted weight of a case of six products weighs less than the cumulative inputted weight of six individual products, it will notify the data provider to correct whichever piece of data has been inputted incorrectly.

The system also maintains mandatory attributes identified by Canadian industry that help data providers ensure they are supplying all of the product information their trading partners need to do business. GS1 Canada systems also enforce the requirement for French language data attributes, which helps data providers reach a wider audience across the country.

Applies to: ECCnet New Item Setup


GS1 Canada also supports product information loaded using other methods, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Item Centre

This online tool is your access point to quickly retrieve or automatically receive the most up-to-date, bilingual product content from your trading partners. With Item Centre, you can search and receive the reliable product data you need to successfully list and bring products to market.

Receipt Acknowledgement and Recall Notifications Reporting*

This feature within the Recall tool allows brand owners to be notified when their trading partners have received and opened their recall notification. Using data from this metric allows brand owners to generate reports to visually see what their communication effectiveness rate is.

Applies to: Recall

Trading Partner Notes Exchange*

The Recall tool uses Trading Partner Notes Exchange to allow retailers and end-users to ask questions to the brand owner about the recall notification. This feature provides a central location within the tool for questions and answers to be tracked and answered.

Applies to: Recall

The Vault

The Vault is a cloud-based tool that makes validated marketing, planogram and foodservice content available 24/7 to both data providers and data recipients.

Applies to: ECCnet Marketing Content, ECCnet Planogram Content, ECCnet Foodservice Content

The Vault – eCommerce

The Vault - eCommerce is a secure storage tool for eCommerce-related images and data. It can also be used for certifying, distributing and downloading eCommerce content to multiple trading partners.

Additional functionality within The Vault – eCommerce allows data providers to top up attributes for their products to include extra information such as marketing claims or romance copy.

The Vault – eCommerce is a pre-requisite to use Enrich Digital Assets.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content

Category Completion and Perpetual Store Audits*

Category Completion and Perpetual Store Audits are available to data recipients who wish to complete their product catalogue or maintain data completeness but whose trading partners have not submitted their products for content capture. GS1 Canada can go to a retail location and physically shop for a specific product and have its image and data content captured at GS1 Canada’s Montreal studio.

Applies to: ECCnet Marketing Content; ECCnet Planogram Content; ECCnet Foodservice Content; ECCnet Nutritional Content; ECCnet eCommerce Content

SmartLabel™ ECCnet Content Extract

SmartLabel™ ECCnet Content Extract allows brand owners to extract certified data from ECCnet Registry either as a downloadable file or through an API feed. The information received is formatted for use in the Food and Consumer Products of Canada’s (FCPC) SmartLabel™ program.

Applies to: ECCnet Nutritional Content, ECCnet eCommerce Content

Enrich Digital Assets

Enrich is a marketing asset storage tool that helps organize, store and share your most up-to-date digital assets with your trading partners.

Applies to: ECCnet eCommerce Content

Internal Locations Distribution

Internal Locations Distribution enables multi-site organizations, such as retail chain stores or pharmacies, to re-distribute received recall notifications to their other locations.

Applies to: Recall

Professional Consulting and Training*

To help you identify how GS1 standards can help fuel your business processes, GS1 Canada offers a professional consulting service to provide in-depth answers to all of your questions. This service can also be used to host discovery sessions to help tailor services and tools such as Item Centre or Machine-to-Machine to your specific systems and needs. Contact us at for more information.

Applies to: All Solutions

* For more information about these tools, services and premium features, contact GS1 Canada at 1.800.567.7084 or email us at