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Welcome to The Vault, GS1 Canada's secure tool for your images and data content.

Saving you time and money, The Vault lets you access all of your product images and data content in one place. Submit products once and have them shared with all of your trading partners. This means increased marketing opportunities, faster time to market and data content that is more accurate because it is perpetually cleansed – all of which can enhance sales.

Inside The Vault

The Vault is used to house the images and data content captured through GS1 Canada’s validated image tools.

Images and data content captured by the certified images tool, eCommerce Images, can be found in The Vault – eCommerce.

Accessing The Vault

To access The Vault you need to be a current GS1 Canada subscriber in good standing and have activated your subscription to The Vault.

To become a GS1 Canada subscriber, click here.

To enter The Vault, click the Access button for The Vault tool you need. If it is your first time entering, you will need to identify which Vault tools your organization is activating and who your first Vault administrator will be.

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