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Drive Online Sales with Trading Partner Bundles

Maximize your  efficiency with Trading Partner Bundles. These bundles make it easier to select the images services you need at economical costs.

Through the one-to-many process, you can send in your products once and have them shared with all of your trading partners for a range of  services, all at the same time. This saves you from the hassle of resending your products over and over for each service.

67 per cent of consumers say the quality of a product image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product (MDG Advertising, 2012).

Trading Partner Bundles Work For You

Retail Trading
Partner Services

Enhance your business processes and the value you offer to trading partners. Planogram and high-resolution marketing images help retailers sell more effectively. And nutrition data not only meets the needs of increasingly health-conscious consumers but also provides additional marketing opportunities.

Includes: eCommerce Images, Planogram Images, Marketing Images, Nutrition Images (if required)

Retail Trading Partner
eCommerce Service

If you already have, marketing and planogram content, this bundle enhances your marketing efforts related to eCommerce and nutrition content—two leading trends driving consumer spending.

The eCommerce content captures all on-pack product data and high-resolution 2D images suitable for online storefronts; nutrition content features detailed ingredient information to help your customers make the purchasing decisions that are best for them.

Includes: eCommerce Images, Nutrition Images (if required)

Retail and Foodservice
Trading Partner Services

For businesses that sell via both foodservice and retail channels, this a complete marketing solution that meets the widest range of needs. It features high-resolution 2D images, shelf management content and comprehensive product information that includes product dimensions and weight, packaging and montage images, and complete nutrition and ingredient details.

Includes: eCommerce Images, Foodservice Images, Planogram Images, Marketing Images, Nutrition Images

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you are a GS1 Canada subscriber in good standing. If you are not a GS1 Canada subscriber, click here to subscribe.
  2. Find the right Trading Partner Bundle that best suits your business needs. (Please note, manufacturers and brand owners intending at any time to sell their products in the retail grocery sector in Canada to any of the major retailers mentioned here will need to participate in the ECCnet Phase 2 initiative. This requires registering for nutrition, marketing, planogram and eCommerce content that includes certification.)
  3. Use the Service Request page here to submit your products for the types of images included in your chosen Trading Partner Bundle. Do this by choosing “Create Service Request” followed by “Add Product,” at which time you will see menu options to choose your desired bundle.

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