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Introducing SmartLabel® Extract

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Today’s consumer is a savvier, more informed consumer, looking beyond the label to ensure the products they buy align with their values and contribute to their health and well-being.

Introducing SmartLabel® Extract

To facilitate Canadian manufacturers’ participation in Food & Consumer Products of Canada's (FCPC) SmartLabel® initiative, GS1 Canada is launching a new, value-added SmartLabel® Extract service to provide the product content you have already certified for faster, more efficient development of your SmartLabel® consumer webpages.

Having already invested the time and resources in ensuring quality data, you can now also use that content to populate SmartLabel®. Using content you have already certified also ensures you are maintaining data quality and consistency for your products across all platforms.

Because GS1 Canada knows what data SmartLabel® requires, we can extract and organize data to SmartLabel® specifications in a format that is already prepared for integration into SmartLabel® consumer webpage templates.

SmartLabel® Extract uses certified data from the ECCnet Nutritional Content (for food products) registry and offers flexible extract options for you to receive your data extract, such as downloadable files or an API feed.

Creating SmartLabel® Pages

It is recommended that data extracts be handled by an IT professional. If you do not have an in-house IT resource, you may need a third-party solution provider to help apply your certified data extracts to the SmartLabelâ„¢ consumer webpage templates. Contact GS1 Canada to find out more about finding an authorized solution partner through our Authorized Partner Program at 1.800.567.7084.

SmartLabel® lets brand owners provide consumers with detailed product information, allowing them to make informed choices.

GS1 Canada does not administer the SmartLabel® program in Canada but can help you feature your product data within it.

For more information about SmartLabel®, please visit Food & Consumer Products of Canada.

Data Excellence: Our commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners. SmartLabel® only contains your bilingual certified data from ECCnet Nutritional Content.

Operational Efficiency: Saves time by leveraging the data you have already certified in ECCnet Nutritional Content registry and extracts it in a format ready for use in SmartLabel® style sheets.

Increased Accuracy: Maps your existing data to the attributes SmartLabel® seeks, eliminating human error and the need for intense or confusing data translation. SmartLabel® Extract also automatically updates as you certify new content, giving you perpetually cleansed and updated data with each new extract.

Flexible Extract Options: Get your SmartLabel® Extract in a format to suit your needs, including downloadable files or an API feed.

SmartLabel® Extract is available to GS1 Canada subscribers with certified content. To participate, you need to:

  1. Certify your data in ECCnet Nutritional Content (for food items)
  2. Enrol in the SmartLabel® program with FCPC. Click the button below to request more information.
  3. Identify
    • the products you want to extract for SmartLabel®,
    • the frequency with which you want to receive updates and
    • whether you want to receive the extract as an API feed or file format (XML, JSON, CSV, Excel)
  4. Receive extracted data and use it to populate your own SmartLabel® landing pages

SmartLabel® is a registered trademark of FCPC.